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                                RURAL DEVELOPMENT   PROJECTS
   The advent of the city life has  affected a lot of the villagers who find themselves out of place in Ibeku with the neighboring clans and development. There  must be  a way to play  catch  in other not to make situations worse. Ibeku is located  in the umuahia Ibeku, eastern part of Nigeria.It was  a part of the old Bende Division.
                          Okey alozie ibeku
Many people cannot decide if to abandon their known  life style for the unknown big city life which  the future is not known and uncertain. Thus we have the rural projects to help maintain certain things and ease the transition for others. Some of these Ideas include

These themselves are  not stand alone. They feed and help each other

We will manage a number of funding programs geared to the rural areas of the Island, tackling issues as diverse  as  :-

[1]  School development--. this will really tackle the at risk children and bring education closer to them.  [2] Drinking  Water projects-- clean drinking water is very hard to come by in rural area coupled with city pollution. This will reduce  health risks associated with water contamination. 
[3]  Better Housing Scheme -- not only makes better housing affordable but also  improves construction that make these units  lasts longer.
 [4]  Health  / Hospitalization creates awareness and very many people  will now be able to tackle heath issues and concerns.  Many people  due to no attention given to simple issue like cough,  to major issues like pregnancy.  New babies and nursing mothers are the hardest hit.
 [5]   Farming and food preservation  ... new  methods of farming and rotations will give more yields to the available land and better preservation methods make products last. 
 [6]    Paved roads for better transportation...can help bring mechanical modes of transportation closer to people. this will reduce the amount of time allotted to traveling to destinations and be more productive on other issues..

[7]   childcare and training …the death rate of children in rural areas does not give ladders to grow and train children to school level. to [8]  environmental projects and green tourism--will clean up the surrounding and make it attractive to live in. This will in turn invite  other for a  visit
[ 9]  Culture / Heritage preservation...-- All these will be done while maintaining the heritage and culture of the people.

Projects can be delivered through  sources of funding, grants, Donations and the Rural Development Program which between them will  provide income for rural projects in Ibeku.

The Organization works with a number of organizations, town and parish councils and community groups to identify local needs and provide solutions to enhance rural living and lifestyle.