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Ojukwus War letter

Ojukwu's war letter

Ojukwu bunker hall way descent down

Stair way descent into the bunker from the outside. There are offices on the side

Ojukwu Bunker Main gate     The Building called Ojukwu's Bunker

The Main Entrance gate       [2]         This is the Main surface house and the Bunker is at the back

Ojukwu bunker front view of entrance Ojukwu Bunker Coat of Arms Bifra in Umuahia Ojukwu Bunker sideview of the front house

[a]  Front of the Main Bunker Recieption Area  [b]   Biafran Coat of Arms    [c] Side View of the Bunker Front entrance

Contractors that Built Ojukwu's bunkerBunker escape to the lawn Ojukwu's bunker

[e]  Ojukwu Bunker Contractors     [f]    Ojukwu Bunker Ventilation system to the surface

Ojukwu's bunker  below the overview of the grass lawn

The Surface view of the Bunker covered by grass at the back of the main building.  The venting and exits systems visible 

Ojukwu Bunker with Document safe  in the office Ojukwu Bunker Horizonteal vent on the sideOjukwu Bunker with conference table in the main house

Safe in the main Bunker office .      [b] Horizontal air vent by the edges      [c] Guest table at the main entrance room in the main building

Ojukwu Bunker with vertical ventsOjukwu Bunker vertical entry and exit gateway

Close up of Venting and exit systems 

 Ojukwu Bunker with Livingroom in the main building

The Surface Room at the Bunker site

Ojukwu bunker housing the main radio Bifra transmitter in Umuahia Ibeku Ojukwu Bunker with vertical exit to the lawn

Radio Biafra transmitter housed inside one of the bunkers in Umuahia Ibeku         The Vertical exit stairs

The main entrance to Ojukwu Bunker in Umuahia Ibeku

The Bunker entrance behind the main building