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The  Ibeku Egwu Asaa Organization with culture and heritage is the tri state area  representation of Ibeku people. The May 2004  USA Convention was hosted by this chapter under the leadership oh their President Mr. Christopher Agomoh with his Commitee group Dr. Christian Ohaeri, Dr Sydney Alozie, Ms. Uzo"Ada-afara" Azubuike who attends meeting from Baltimore Maryland, Mr. Geoff. Azubuike, Mr. Okey Alozie, Mr Emma Ambrose, Mr Tony Onwuzurigbo, Mr Obi Okonkwo.

This Convention witnessed the greatest excitment todate on enthusiasm about things IBEKU.  We had attendees from Canada, Italy, Nigeria, England,  and many Ibeku indigents from various  USA States and regions without  Chapters. Many of the Umuada  Ibeku were present and were very proud to be a part of their own activities.

                                                                     Mr.       Agomoh.