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We know that
in Ibeku, Setting up Education programs need also a source of information for those embarking on it. We are very much interested in getting a library that will be abla to fill the needs of Ibeku people and it's neighbors. We will like to house and fund a place where our achieves can be housed, where our children, those seeking for information, researchers, and students of all levels can go and find and get directions. This will be able to have different Titles, Subjects, Assistant types. These will be used in  Offices, Higher education, Research and Statistics for guidance.
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We will also be able to include  new technologies that will help in these areas.
This is why  we are asking for Book Donations of all kind. These will be integrated with any existing contents .
This Library will also act as a meeting place of knowledgeable people in various fields including those of Ibeku Culture, Heritage and beyond. Students will be able to have a place to help for their home work. They will have a place to go and student as a better option in life. They will find it as something new. Those in the continuing education will be at home in the library, those who want to know will now have a place to go and find the information.

We need help to get this to a reality level. We need
Donation   and Grants of all kinds that will help.


Some of the technologies that we are seeking for are donated Computer that we can  install  in the Library and if available in some schools to give the students first hand  knowledge of technology.  Some of the Grants and Donations we are seeking  will be used for these Hardwares, Software updates, developer Technology, Internet.
There will also Classes aand trainings performed with these technologies either by onsight or off sigth trainings.

Library will be able to reference other materials it does not have on locationj This information technology will not be forgotten  by the Acheologists, environmental, Economic, Agricultural developers of the futue incollecting and using Data..