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      The Ibeku  National Association , INA, is the umbrella organization for all the regional Ibeku chapters in the USA that is chattered in Austin Texas as a non for profit 501[c]3 Organization.. At the moment, Atlanta,Houston,Dallas,NY NJ CT Chapters are well organized with  many members. Ibeku people in USA  also have Atlarge Memberships and these members are under the guidanceship of INA.  Registration is done through each chapter.
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The Ibeku USA  has a guiding Constitution, Members of the Executive that are elected at the Convention at the end of  terms, Board of Directors as stipulated in the constitution, consisting of Presidents of  chapters and the appointed persons as stated in the Constitution.. We seek Donations, Gifts for our charities

Members of the INA Executives are as follows:-

Mr. Eze Aso                                   President
Mr. Monday Rufus                         Vice President
Mr. Peter Mbanasor                      General secretary
Mr. Chijioke Onuoha                      Financial Secretary
Mr.  Ndubuisi Onwukwe                Treasurer
Mr. Monday Igbokwe                    Chief Whip
Mr.  Okechukwu [Okey]  Alozie    Publicity Secretary
Mrs. Ijebuonwu                             Cultural Affairs

                         Mr Ezeaso                                                          Mrs Ijebuonwu
                            President                                                          Cultural Affairs
Mr Onwukwe    Mr Mbanasor        Mr O.Alozie           Mr Rufus         Mr Igbokwe               Mr Onuoha
Treasurer             Gen.Sec.              Pub.Sec              VP                   Whip                             Fin.Sec.
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offers access to a wide variety of detailed information specific to the city where you live. Just click on your state below to get connected to your nearest chapter.

There are states with more than one chapter. Also there are chapters with members from more than one state. [ see Texas]

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