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                         Kind Gifts for Ibeku Tradition Culture

The Ibeku Library for ancestoral  History  culture ,Heritage and organization accepts donations of all published materials on Ibeku and related issues. There are schools in Ibeku from Elementary to the University levels that are in need of books of all kinds. There is a library in Umuahia Ibeku that  service  all schools around. Books for all levels are very much needed We accept all books of all kinds.
Please send an e-mail of inquiry to
                                                                    ojionu ibeku      ibeku faces
Gifts to the Ibeku Collections

The Center for the History of Ibeku,  the Heritage and Cultural preservation group  accept donations of   items to the  collections. Please send an e-mail of inquiry to the appropriate address as indicated

For art and artifacts, including instruments and apparatus,  will be very greatful. These will help put together  a cultural and heritage museum.

For photographs and paper archives (personal papers, organizational archives), we believe that there are things we may have forgotten and can be refreshed pictures of those  days and events.