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                                                     EDUCATION   PLAN
Ibeku people are trying various education programs  to expand our horizon for we have to preserve  our culture, heritage and the foundation of our being.The theme for the 2004 Convention in New Jersey USA was EDUCATION.  There are various ways that are being set up to carry these plans through  these plans  include the Teachers that will execute the plans, the children of Ibeku that will acquire these knowledge and the Library that will house the sources of these knowledge. These will be put under some buildings that are very close to the people that are in need..
We want to help our Children grow   See Houston Chapter on Education
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The  programs that we will like to help are Adult & Vocational, General Resources, Disadvantaged Students, Teaching, Technology, Teaching, Financial Assistance, Higher Education

We want to be able to get the students home work aids for learning resources. This upon graduation will help plan for colleges ,get jobs, skills and trades.
When they find Collages, financial Aids are explored and the forms of Scholarships and Loans for those who can repay to keep the cycle going. Those who want to do Graduate work can do so by returning to school. These students will also get involved in the communities use their learning in volunteer opportunities


Schools will be set to show adequate yearly progress by getting desired results in achievements. This will also be within the State and Government standards in Education. They will be helped to do what works in Mathematics, English, Fluency in  Igbo, Reading, Science.

Teachers will be funded for training and degree programs. They will be given Early childhood training in Math, Reading. They will be taught how to include parents , use technology where available for the educational enrichment They will also be able to deal with students with special needs and disabilities. There will also be professional Development  and continuing Education to update every one that is involved in the great adventure.