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 This page is dedicated to all those involved in these machines .

Especially those of 45 Battalion that ran these armored cars from  Enugu to Umuahia to Okwelle.  Two of their three commanders are still alive. The driver of the Panhard is still alive. The Commander of the Panhard is still alive.

The trailer driver that moved these machines to the front is still alive. The chief escort did not make it.


  Armoured car Biafran war   Brafan red devil armorde car in Umuahia

 This Nwambe the flame thrower . The face is missing with long pipe that swings up to 230 degrees  that swung left to right. Only one built in Umudike. R&D      [2]  Tank with holes on the side troops fire from

  Biafran armored weapons in umuahia  Biafran war artilary in Umuahia  Biafran Red Devil type armored cars

[3] Weapons lined up for view       [4] Artillary          [5]  Two tanks on display  both troop carriers

  Biafran made reddevil armored in Umuahia  Biafran war anti aircraft gun in Umuahia  Biafran war plane bomber.B-52 type  Biafran war air  bomber in Umuahia

[6] Armored tank    [7]  Anti aircraft guns  [8]  Damaged bomber [9] Small aircraft

Biafran made refinery column to make fuel during the war Biafran made Crude oil  craking column in Umuahia Ibeku Biafran made artillery called Ogbunigwe  Bifran mame artillary Ogbunigwe 2

[10]  & [11] crude oil refinery column called Biafran pot  [12][13] These are Ogbunigwe heavy artillery 

  Biafran armored tank called panhard Bifran made armored troop carrier

[14] Armored car red devil      [15]  The Work horse of Biafra...called Pandard.  Went to all war fronts and back.  This was the armored car that held the Nsudimo bridge open DEC 25th. 1969  that allowed people to cross into Mbaise from Ubakala  between Biafra 1 & Biafra 2  [16]   Troop carrier

Biafran made armored car with style

 Armored car . this shot heavy automatic weapons. No artillery.