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Ibeku has many of his children as fathers, mothers, sons and daughters  who want a part of the culture and heritage in their daily lives for education and happiness. These Ibeku children are all over. On many instances, some are too few to form an organization or few within a given region to form a meeting chapter. This has been the case in USA where we have some people in many  places  and regions of states like Ohio, Maryland, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Rhodes Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arizona,California . All these places have active members .

These members are very often represented by  INA at  National level on issues.  Many a times, some people drive a very long way to participate, attend  meetings and Conventions at the nearest  chapter like those from Austin Texas driving to Houston Texas, an over-night journey,  to be with brothers and sisters.