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Afara Ukwu is namely [1] ISI AMA  [2] OHOKOBE NA UMUOKEIYI and [3] OKWULAGA in the Egwu Asaa of Ibeku Nation. Afara Ukwu is bordered by Afarata,Osaa,Ndume,Umuobia and Agbama both in Olokoro. The northern part of Afara Ukwu is mostly the Umuahia Ibeku City.
ISI AMA is made up of [1] Ndagbo {2] Etitinabu [3] Umuobasi. This is home to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Golden Guinea Brewery, part of the Low Cost Housing Units,Govt. Quarters including the famous Gen Ojukwu's Bunker and along towards the railway station. They also gave us the Great Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly Hon. Stanley Ohajuruka.

OHOKOBE NA UMUOKEIYI is made up of [1]Ogburu-urie [2] Umuchukwu [3] Umuoriete [4] Mbara-Ikoro This area is the location of Holy Ghost Collage and St Theresa's Catholic Church, then down to the Ceramics industry located in Umuobia. Agbama olokoro is to their east.

OKWULAGA is made up of [1] Ngbediala [2] Umueke [3] Ohobo na Umuizu. These Okwulaga areas cover where we have Trinity College- School of Divinity for Methodist and Anglican Churches, Union School , Afara Technical College and part of the Timber market. To the east is ohokobe na umuokeiyi,to the north west is Osaa and to the north is Isi Ama. The southern tip is Okpuru-Urie [ohokobe na umuokeyi].
           obiamaraije alozie Obiamaraije Anukwa Alozie
The Ohobo na Umuizu group are brothers. This is a classic case where the same family members sets up two different huge compounds [Ama] family structure. ohobo is the gruop that moved.The word group is used here because Ohobo is made up of all families from Umuizu in contributions and combinations. They cannot inter-mary. They hold the same family meetings. The reason for this movement was to set up an early warning station for the main family in case of any foreign attack, especially during the slave trade. All familes and heads of household agreed, therefore the general contributions .The Ohobo na Umuizu family structure , relationships and ancestors are well put together that we can see and trace and individual like Miss Obiamaraije Anukwa Alozie  back ten(10) generations to her greats.


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